Xbox 360 powered by an ATX power supply

tizz78 the author of this project writes : The purpose of me attempting this mod was simple : I have 4 xbox 360’s and 2 360 PSU’s . As anyone can ” do the math ” you can see why I did it and especially looking at the price of 360 PSU’s . I had this old one sitting around so I figured I’d go for it .For this mod I used an older AT 250 watt power supply that already had a switch to turn it on and off . If you use an ATX power supply you’ll have to connect two wires together to keep it in ” standby ” or ” always on ”

Xbox 360 powered by an ATX power supply: [Via][Link]

Xbox 360 controller Disco LED hack

This tutorials on how to hack different console controllers are spreading quick, which means these days users don’t stop at buying a console or another, they also want it customized. The following hack allows you to add some LED’s to the XBox 360 controller that act like disco lights. The tutorial is very well documented so it should be accessible for beginners.

Xbox 360 controller Disco LED hack: [Link]

Nrx2005 What Every Man Wants in BedFor more funny videos, click here
Yeah i know, i said the same thing when i first saw it “woow!”. This is one cool gadget that every man wants to have in its bedroom. At the beginning of the movie i didn’t knew what to expect, it first looked like a cell phone, like one of those Motorola RAZR phone’s but then when i saw it rising i got the idea of what it is. Its so cool and i think it should have like a Xbox 360 attached to it. Because we all know big boy’s like to play too 🙂

Xbox controller converted to pc gamedpad

This could be useful for those of you who have an Xbox that you don’t use. The job is more easier to be done than to be explained. The Xbox controller already has USB connection, except it has a funky connector, so its just a matter of removing the original connector and soldering a standard USB connector. You can view the full tutorial on the link provided bellow.

Xbox controller converted to pc gamedpad: [Link]

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