xbee power monitor

The XBee devices are based on the ZigBee protocol, which was developed for short range wireless communication, especially for home automation systems, this project is a perfect example for its designed purpose. The device is a smart socket, which measures the momentary power consumption and sends it to a host or server, which logs the data for further use. Although the measuring device used is bought as is, and doesn’t has any switching element so you can’t switch off the load remotely.

The real potential of XBee isn’t even scratched with this project, so feel free to improve the original idea, the smart outlet is a great idea, but beside the monitoring some control functions should be added.

With the analog inputs and digital outputs including two PWM channels of the XBee it would be easy to build more advanced loggers or home automation systems without micro controller, the software runs on the PC and the XBee acts like hardware interface.

XBee power monitor: [Link]