Taurus2 a reborn-ed robot

Taurus 2 is the second version of the Taurus Robot build by Andrew. The main reason for building Taurus2 was to fix the errors from Taurus, and there were some nasty errors:

  • Size Matters – Taurus was too big. The problems I had exponentially increased with the size. Forces were greater, as well as the price of everything. I will limit T2 to about the size of a shoebox.
  • Friction – Treads were bad. Caused way too much torque in the system. Bye-bye treads, hello large synchronous high traction wheels.
  • Chains, Gears – Bad. Very bad. The main reason for failure. I refuse to use them again. Ever. Servos have built in gear boxes, and are easily controllable. I will use them.
  • Terrain – Taurus did not conform to terrain as expected (partially due to tread failure). T2 will have a dynamic terrain conforming system. And it’s a simple design as well.
  • Steering – Treads made turning nearly impossible due to friction. Ive decided to independently control each wheel for T2.

And here is what Taurus2 will feature:

  • zero degree turning radius
  • near omni-directional movement (singularities at maximum servo rotations)
  • simulated rack and pinion movement
  • dynamic terrain conforming

The project is really great, and Andrew provides all the source files and CAD designs so you don’t have to worry about anything, you just have to start the project.

Taurus2 a reborn-ed robot: [Link]