tinyIMU v2 inertial measurement unit

tinyIMU V2 is a sensor unit useful for building quadrocopters or other platforms where you need to know the orientation of the given platform. It uses the MMA7455 3-axis accelerometer from Freescale with 10 bit output and the ITG3200 3-axis gyroscope from Invensense with 16 bit output. The PCB was designed to be as small as possible to save weight and space (both important parameters when flying). There is only a 4 pin header present on the PCB for power and I2C lines. The schematics and PCB was designed in Eagle and I’m releasing it under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 (download link bellow).

This sensor unit has already been used successfully with AeroQuad software and its just a matter of having the right drivers for the sensors to use it with other platforms as well.

here is a video with tinyIMU connected to AeroQuad:
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tinyIMU V2 schematics + PCB