iPod touch

I found this tutorial on www.pyrofersprojects.com, it teaches you how to turn your iPod Touch (and iPhone) into a 3.5G iPhone! This is suitable for beginners as it involves no hacking at all of the iPod, and only a simple registry edit on the Windows phone.

What You Need
1) An iPod Touch or an iPhone.
2) A Phone/PDA with Windows Mobile 5 or 6.
3) A SIM card.
4) Download and install the free PHM Registry Editor onto the Windows phone. You can get it from www.phm.lu/Products/PocketPC/RegEdit/

After doing the procedure you don’t have to worry about the PDA, it will stay hidden in your pocket and only act as a mobile access point. This is a nice hack but it has its limitations, you cant really make a voice call with your iPod Touch because it doesn’t have a microphone. You should use a normal phone for that as it’s much more sensible for voice calls.

You can even use the PDA phone in your other pocket if you don’t mind looking like a complete dork holding a PDA to your head. Pyrofer also said that he successfully used MSN Messenger using the great web based messenger service, Meebo. It also allows you to use Aim, Yahoo and Google Talk, although he didn’t tested those yet. If you want to try this hack click the Link to visit de webpage.

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