Under Surgery iPhone 3G S

What could be 50% faster than iPhone 3G? The new iPhone 3G S! However this could be just a rumor and some good guys decided to have a look inside. On the outside seems pretty much identical to its older brother. To open the case you still need to get passed those two screws at the bottom and to use a suction cup for the front panel. You must be careful again to remove it nice and easy not to damage the connectors. There is one more connector in the lower right corner.

Detaching the LCD from the front panel is done like in the iPhone 3G, you must remove the screws and use a sharp tool to release it. On the other half the main board is shielded from EMI. First the board comes off with the shields, then you must remove the two shields to look at the chips. Once the iPhone shows its intimate parts we can see that the rumors are true. Instead of S3C6400 now there is a S5PC100 Samsung microprocessor running at 600Mhz instead of 412Mhz like the older 3G.

This PCB alone is some piece of layout engineering. The other big chip next to the microprocessor is a 16GB Toshiba flash memory. Under this PCB hides a 3.7V/ 1219 mAh battery just slightly higher than older one.

In the end, with the new microprocessor the 3G S is definitely an upgrade and it seems this new iPhone will be able to face bigger gfx challenges so that’s good news for gamers.

Under Surgery: iPhone 3G S: [Link]