VGA to SCART RGB converter

This is a simple circuit to connect your VGA graphics card to your TV. The advantage of using RGB over S-Video is superior contrast and clarity. The schematic of this circuit is taken from Tomi Engdahl’s site. The circuit basically XORs together your horizontal and vertical synchronization signals to create a composite sync output, and adjusts output for input polarity. By setting the resolution and timings on your VGA card correctly, it is possible to generate a signal that the TV will accept. This circuit works for both PAL and NTSC signals, just adjust the timings in software accordingly. To see which timings to use, this site has a list. If it doesn’t work, experiment a bit. The resolution should normally be 720576 for a PAL tv. The refresh rate should be 50 Hz interlaced. Use Powerstrip to set the timings after you’ve set the resolution to 720576.

VGA to SCART RGB converter: [Link]