Wearable Computing

Here we are one step closer to a future that’s starting to look more and more like Sci Fi movies. After I’ve seen Johny Mnemonic for the first time, i was wondering when will we be able to type or surf the net just by moving our fingers in the air on a invisible keyboard. Seems that day is closer than i thought thanks to the research done by Dr. Masaaki Fukumoto Executive Research Engineer at Docomo.

Dr. Fukumoto is researching ways to interface the human body and machine  and he managed to brake one barrier with a headset capable of reading the movement of the eye and use it to control other devices or applications. The headset measures the electrical potential of the cornea and tracks the eye’s movement. This is called electrooculogram in the medical field.

Using common electronics components in building this headset, Dr. Fukumoto can control the functions of a media player just by moving his eyes or making a camera focus on whatever his eyes are looking at. Although more research must be done before this technology becomes reliable, Dr. Fukumoto says we could see this technology on the market in a few years.

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