XBEE with Arduino

More and more applications are emerging with the XBee module, and the Arduino developers are the most dynamic users, but most of the projects take some basic things as granted, like connecting the two boards. Since the XBee needs 3,3V and all the inputs must be limited to 3,3V otherwise you can damage the XBee module and the outputs will deliver no more then 3,3V which can lead to communication problems. The project presented here solve this problem and gives you two solutions one with voltage level translators and one with a simple resistive divider.

Beside the schematics you will find a step by step tutorial how to make the connections and the configurations, and ideas for future improvements, like using a switching regulator or a rechargeable Li-ION cell.

Before you make any XBee project, my advise is to read trough this interfacing tutorial.

XBee with Arduino: [Link]